Gravesite Fees & Policies

January 20, 2020

Cost of Gravesites

  • Active Members in Good Standing, as defined below: No Fee

  • Others: $2,500 per site

An Active Member has partaken in Holy Communion, supports the church with offerings or has participated in the life and worship of the congregation within the last two years. (By Law 8.08 e)

Burial Fees

  • All burials require a $1,000 maintenance fee to cover current and future cemetery maintenance in addition to any grave site charge.

  • Cremain burials also require payment of the full burial fee.
  • Up to four (4) cremains are allowed on one grave site. Maximum of two containers per site.
  • There are no special requirements for vaults or cremation urns beyond what is provided by State law.
  • All grave openings and closings shall be performed by Linley Excavating, Cross Plains.


  • All cemetery markers shall be approved for size, location and design by the Vermont Lutheran Cemetery Association.
  • A marking fee for installation of markers is $15.

Contacts for Burial Arrangements or Lots

Jon Urness

David Haugen

Greg Herrling

Gary Olsen