Our History

Respecting our past, Eager to shape our future

On September 27, 1855, a group of Norwegian farmers held their first worship service for what was to be Vermont Lutheran. In 1856, in the Town of Vermont, Dane County, Wisconsin, the congregation of Vermont Lutheran Church officially was formed. Norwegians in the area had decided it was time to get together to organize their worship and give thanks to God in an assembly. As was true for many small rural churches, Vermont Lutheran was part of a multi-church parish for many years to come. Though few in number, the dedicated families soon had a building of their own which was located approximately 1/4 mile to the east of our present location. That Vermont Lutheran Church built in 1861 became inadequate to accommodate the growing congregation and has since gone through many changes.

Who We Continue To Be

Vermont Lutheran continues to be a mission-oriented congregation involved in food pantries, supplying school kits, aiding homeless veterans, providing quilts and health kits for needy people around the globe, and so much more.

Our Future Plans

We enjoy extending our hospitality to others through a series of events such as Cabin Fever Relievers during winter, the Men’s Meatball Dinner in February, Soup Suppers during Lent, a summertime Community Picnic, the meatball and lefse takeout during our Fall Festival, a Deer Hunters gathering in November, and many more.

A very friendly congregation, Vermont Lutheran Church welcomes everyone with open arms and more genuine smiles than you could imagine. We welcome all visitors and guests and encourage folks to come and see what this historic congregation, church building, and property are all about.


Historical Links

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