Vermont Lutheran Church

Experience a joyful, musical and faith-filled worship service with us at 9:30 am every Sunday. Hear, learn and become equipped to spread God’s word with us by using your talents as a witness to serve others. Take a hike, sit on the patio, become mindful of your surroundings, and marvel at God’s creation with us while enjoying our Legacy Prairie & Woodland.

Church Announcements

Station activities will change regularly. Visit each station. Enjoy the trails often!
There is always a new reason to take a stroll on the trails throughout the Legacy Prairie and Woodlands. We have added 13 wonderful new trail signs. Each trail sign has a bible verse and a QR code. Bring your cell phone with a camera to access the QR code at each station.
• Open your camera app on your smartphone.
• Align the camera to see the QR code.
• A yellow link to a website page will appear. Click on it.
• You will be directed to a page with the option of doing four activities:
• BIBLE SUDY (updated weekly)
• Click on which activity you would like to do at that station.
Thank you to the worship team, Rev. Rebecca Clancy, and all those involved in selecting the verses, Jeff and Kathy Dickinson for donating the signs, and to Jim Herrling, Jesse Duhr, and Brian Buol for installing them.
COMING SOON – boardwalk to the creek!

Confirmation Mission Project

Confirmands are collecting Change for Change. Bring your spare change to church and throw it in the milk can located in the Narthex. They have collected $1,541.89 through the end of March and will continue to collect throughout the school year.

Upcoming Events

Our Community

Let the fields be jubilant, and everything in them;
let all the trees of the forest sing for joy.

Psalms 96:12