Archery Deer Hunting Lottery

Vermont Lutheran Church has a long culture of deer hunting as evidenced by our Annual Deer Hunter’s meeting that has taken place since 1956.  Recently we acquired 115 acres of some of the best deer habitat in SW Wisconsin and have been exploring uses that benefit not only the church membership but also the community.

We offer you a chance to be one of those hunters who will have the right to archery hunt in the above-outlined zone of approximately 20 acres.  For your chance, you can buy a lottery ticket for $20. Only one lottery ticket per person.  The lucky winner will be drawn at the Deer Hunter’s Meeting and will be granted the right to purchase an exclusive permit to archery hunt that property for $250 during October and November of the following season. This is a fundraiser for the maintenance of this new property and we believe it will afford a high-quality and exciting hunt.

This is our first time setting up this program so please bare with us as we set up regulations. We want to keep it simple and make sure the person drawing the one and only exclusive permit has a great experience.  The first lottery will begin in November 2022 for the 2023 archery seasons and the drawing will take place at the Deer Hunter’s Meeting on Sunday, November 13, 2022.  Further guidelines will be developed, but for the moment here are a few:

If you’re drawn you can pay for the $250 permit right away or sometime between now and August 1, 2023.

You will be the only hunter allowed to hunt in the above zone and be required to hunt with any legal archery equipment only…no firearms. You have the area to yourself during the gun season but must use archery equipment. The permit season is from October 1 through November 30.  Mentoring a young hunter or a disabled hunter may be allowed by making arrangements ahead of the season.

You can set up one stand for hunting and can leave it the entire season, or move it around to find that just right spot.  Stands will need to be at least 60’ from a designated hiking trail and removed at the close of the season.

Before hunting, you’ll need to visit with either Jim Herrling (608.220.6420) or Jon Urness (608.575.2387) for orientation regarding boundaries and other guidelines.

Once again, we believe this will be a very high-quality hunt for some lucky hunters and we’d love to hear your stories at next year’s Vermont Deer Hunters Meeting.

There are specific rules that apply to this program. Please read through these rules before purchasing a lottery ticket.  


Lottery Information

All permits will be mailed out once lottery winners are chosen and applicants purchase their permits. There is no office pickup.

  • Lottery tickets for the 2023 Limited Access Archery Permits will be accepted at the Deer Hunter’s Meeting ONLY. Late lottery tickets will not be accepted.
  • A nonrefundable $20.00 lottery fee will be charged for all applications submitted. The cost of the Access Permit is an additional $250.00 for successful applicants. These costs cover the administration of the program and the upkeep of the prairie and woodland.
  • Winners are announced at the Deer Hunter’s Meeting. YOU MUST BE PRESENT TO WIN. Once purchased, a permit will be mailed; this must be carried and visibly displayed (in the person) by the permit holder while hunting or en route to the site.
  • Applicants must be 16 years and older. The application process registers you for an opportunity to be drawn for an “access-only” permit. All valid Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources (WI DNR) deer harvest tags and/or fall turkey permits are still required in order to harvest a deer or turkey. Only one application per person may be submitted and only one permit per person will be awarded if selected in the lottery drawing.
  • Youths 15 years of age and younger are welcome to accompany and hunt under the guidance of a limited access permit holder.
  • Generally, there are more applicants than permits available.
  • Hunters (and any accompanying youths) applying for this permit must purchase all necessary WI DNR licenses and permits and strictly follow all WI DNR hunting rules for the Management Area in which they will archery hunt. The Limited Access Permit is valid for the archery/crossbow season including the extended archery deer seasons within the Dane County Management Zone in which the hunting will take place. Visit WI DNR’s website for more information

Hunter’s Meeting & Potluck

Annual Deer Hunter’s Meeting: a Vermont Lutheran tradition since 1951

Welcome, tell us your camp stories and personal hunting experiences. 

  • Everyone is encouraged to bring your trophy mounts for display (and bragging rights) as well as your favorite heirloom hunting rifle to share your pride in ownership.

  • Bring your favorite recipe, venison sausage or snack to share.
  • Lottery to be able to archery deer hunt on the Vermont Lutheran church property.
  • Door prizes, raffle tickets and hand-outs are available for your information.