Trail Stations

Vermont Lutheran Church has been blessed with an incredible amount of Grace as the Woodland and Prairie has been developed. So we thought it would be appropriate to grace our trails with some inspiring words, both Biblical and Song! We gathered a bushel of favorite verses and poured them into the wide end of a funnel and out of the narrow bottom of the funnel these Bible and Song verses emerged! We hope that they will inspire and help you reflect on all that is around you as you navigate the trails!


 Bring your cell phone with a camera to access the QR code at each station.

• Open your camera app on your smartphone.
• Align the camera to see the QR code.
• A yellow link to a website page will appear. Click on it.
• You will be directed to a page with the option of doing four activities.  Click on which activity you would like to do at that station:
BIBLE SUDY (updated weekly)
Station activities will change regularly. Visit each station. Enjoy the trails often!